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Flooring Installation in Sugar Land, TX

Have you scheduled a professional flooring installation with the team from our company? If you have scheduled an install of your new flooring, there are a few ways we suggest for you to prepare. When you purchase flooring and schedule your new floor installation, certain planning steps will make the process easier and faster. It is our goal to make the process as simple as possible for all parties involved. We want you to enjoy your home or workplace update without delay.

Our skilled installing professionals are highly trained to perform all of the following:

Ready Your Home or Office for a New Floor Installation

Our customers can always expect courteous service with a dedication to professionalism. If you have any concerns about specific possessions or furniture, we always take care to protect your treasured pieces during any new floor installation. We do recommend taking the following preparatory steps prior to your scheduled installation:

  • Moving Fragile Items: Although our professionals can help you move your items, we don’t want you to feel rushed or as if you can’t properly take care of your most delicate possessions. Pay attention to items you may have sitting on top of furniture or shelving.

  • Removing Wall Hangings and Curtains: If there are any hangings or curtains within three feet of ground level, they need to be removed or pulled back. Curtains and wall hangings can get damaged during installation.

  • Clearing Closets: Many homeowners tuck clutter away from view by stowing it in closets. When flooring an entire space, closets can take time because of everything stored in the small area. Everything needs to be off the floors and can be stored on shelving at least three feet off the ground.

  • Unplugging and Caring for Appliances: A majority of appliances are simple enough to move, but disconnecting certain appliances can cause problems. Be careful when moving alarm systems, electronic equipment, and especially gas appliance, which should be unplugged by a professional other than your floor installer.

  • Removing Furniture: Most home or business owners have some treasured furniture they cannot replace. Whether you need an antique safely moved or you don’t want to disturb the inner workings of your piano, this may require a professional for safe removal of the furniture prior to the installation work.

Old Flooring Removal for Flooring Installation

Although you may be trying to save money on your installation, it is important to prepare only by moving your possessions. Don’t remove the old flooring yourself. If your building is old or your flooring was glued with unsafe adhesive, you may unwittingly expose your family or employees to harmful materials. In many cases, asbestos can be stirred up with unsafe flooring removal. Invest in the affordable, safe, and environmentally-friendly option of our professional floor removal with your new flooring installation.


Contact us today to learn more about preparing your space for a flooring installation! We proudly serve the communities of Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Stafford, TX.

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